Building Project Management

After you have received your architectural design services, the final step in bringing your project to life is with the build itself, which you can of course do yourself, or utilise the expertise of construction and building project management services like our own. Managing the project is essentially where you’ll need to select your builder, carry out the work, deal with payment and any issues, and ultimately make sure the entire project is built to a standard you’re happy with. It’s a lot of work to take on.

The CK Architectural project management service is designed for that exact reason, to help you deal with all of the stresses that come along with project management, and to ultimately offer you the benefits only experts can, like:

  • Reducing Costing Without Disputes or Confusion
  • Minimising Contact Time
  • Improving Contract Efficiency
  • Advanced Communication Benefits
  • Providing Full Control and Access to Expertise

We work with you in every area of the project, making sure that you’re always up to date on every aspect of the build, maintaining a constant level of control over each specific detail, enabling you get the best service possible.

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Builder working on drawings


Each project is completely unique, but the management process provided by the CK team provides a range of services that your project utilises to create the best possible work.


We work with you to select and vet the right builder for the job, looking at their previous project experience, reviews, pricing, and using our own recommendations and experience to give you all of the information you need.


In addition to the design, planning and regulations drawings that we provide, builders may also require further construction drawings to help them identify the finer details of the construction. That ranges from fixtures and fittings, switches, additions, and any other specific project requirements like exclusions too.


Working with the builder to create clear, accurate and realistic time frames is also another challenge of the project. We create a schedule of works that can be used as a general guideline throughout the entire build. This keeps both you and the builder in the loop about the expected progress of the build, and any issues that may arise too.

Newly built house in Gloucestershire


Both you and the builder are protected by contractual agreements, that outline the requirements of the project, working conditions, and any other details of the job. That also includes the builder’s specific information such as quotations, insurance, and other areas of their profession. Having this contract to the highest standard, signed by both parties, means you’re both protected and recorded in relation to legal requirements and obligations.


As the project progresses, we will visit the site fortnightly throughout our management, ensuring everything is moving accordingly, receiving status updates, and dealing with any issues should they arise form both you and the builder. We can voice any concerns you may have for you, without any added hassle or worry.


Finally, when the project is completed, we carry out ta handover process to. This is where we create a snagging plan with the builder to deal with any issues, before handing you the completed project up to the agreed upon standards.

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