Double Storey Extensions

Double storey extensions are hugely popular in Gloucester, Cheltenham, and the rest of the Gloucester region too. They are one of the highest value home renovations available, offering extra rooms on both the ground and the first floor, giving your home more space than ever before. By still having only one roof and one foundation, it’s also one of the best value for money renovations too.

The CK Architectural team have decades of experience working with double storey extensions of all shapes and sizes. We work with you in depth to ensure we’re able to create the perfect designs for your unique project requirements, taking the whole project from initial designs and outlines all the way through to planning stages, building regulations, and project management if required too.

CK Architectural Gloucestershire - Double Storey Extension


Before designing your double storey extension or having great ideas it’s always a good idea to factor in the considerations that come along with them first. Things such as natural light, ventilation, means of escape, and any limitations with planning too. That applies to both floors, as they will pose very different challenges in some areas.

Size and scale of double storey extensions has to be accounted for too if they’re going to be successful in the planning stages. This helps them to not dominate where in appropriate, and work with the environment around them. Overshadowing, privacy issues and loss of amenity from neighbours if your extensions is near the boundary are all vital here.


Out vast experience in residential design allows us to demonstrate how best to gain the extra rooms, access them and unlock hidden unused dead zones. Whilst creating great new living spaces, we don’t like to forget the rest of the property; every square meter needs to be usable and accountable for you to truly maximise the value of your extension. That goes for the external as well as the internal.

Once we determine the size and shape that is available from the site and likely to gain approval from the planning officers, we can begin. We will demonstrate some internal layout options, adding various furniture and even planning the kitchen to help you see the functionality. With a working size and layout, we can then add the windows and doors plus any other material finishes you want to consider.

double storey extension design Gloucester


Good planning design by CK Architectural will consider planning restrictions such as scale, impact on the street, how it effects the neighbours, and every other point that planning considers. We counter design all the likely obstacles that local authority planning departments can throw at us, however, most policies are open to interpretation and each local plan varies. It is often down to the opinion of the area officer, but we work with them at every turn to provide the highest possible chance of success.

The final design stage for your project to move forward is with gaining a building certificate from a building control body, whether that be local authority or private building inspector. The final design will have all the relevant building detail, dimensions, cross section and specification to not only gain full plans building control approval but to be easily read by builder and client alike. We like to make the plans easy to read for building control officers, builders and you the client, and that way, we leave less to interpretation. Double storey extensions do require more consideration in building due to means of escape from fire, more weight on the existing structure, tying into the existing roof and other means, but it’s all well within the experience of the CK team to help you along with


Finally, the project is ready to be built. Our detailed plans allow a competent builder to price and build correctly, and for you get accurate quotations from them if they assess the site too. We always advise the utmost care and consideration when choosing the builders for your project, and to make sure that builders are aware of limitations in designs and where their responsibilities lie in their role, looking at foundations, electrics, plumbing and general site health under their remit.

The CK team do also provide a comprehensive project management service to take the stress from your build, too. We work with you to select the best builder for the job, create a schedule of works, administer contracts, act as the main point of contact, and deal with any issues and snagging along the way both through regular site inspections and through constant communication too.

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