Barn Conversions

Following the relax in planning laws, barn conversions in Gloucestershire are extremely popular as both residences and as businesses alike. Gloucestershire, with Gloucester, Cheltenham, and the Cotswolds, is absolutely full of farmland and plenty of unused agricultural buildings and barns ready and waiting for a conversion.

CK Architectural have a vast depth of experience in the finer points of converting barns though great design and knowledge on the relevant planning polies. These disused and unloved building can be designed into excellent modern living space in the heart of the open countryside. You can enjoy all the modern comforts of new builds with a traditional period twist. Typically, you will need to work with the existing structure and where possible a rusty old barn becomes a bespoke aluminium sliding door arrangement. You can enjoy warmth and comfort with beautiful views out across courtyards, fields, woods and hills.

Barn Conversion Considerations

Barns are almost always long and narrow in their structure, which means designing the best conversion needs some careful thought. Creating through rooms is not always avoidable, but with the height that barn conversions often have to offer, large open spaces, galleries and mezzanines are all available to your design.

Barn conversions are still subject to typical building regulations, meaning you’re still required to have access to necessary utilities, access, services and all other areas too. Insulation is usually within the building fabric, and any windows and doors also ideally need to be considered too.

Converting a barn is difficult with the standard planning process, however with the Barn Conversion Clause in the General Permitted Development Order, the change of use of a building and the land within its curtilage is authorised as a dwelling, as well as authorising reasonably necessary building operations such as conversions.

For that to take place, the barn must:

  • Have been used solely for agricultural use historically.
  • Have existed prior to the 20th March 2013 (no building new barns). New barns can be built and converted into homes but must exist as solely agricultural buildings for at least 10 years.
  • Have less than 450m2 floor space (or be converted into separate dwellings or partially remain)
  • Have landowner permission

Once you have your permission in place, it’s time to produce the detailed construction and building regulations drawings. Barns can often be poorly built, adding more weight can be difficult and using the external walls and finish will form a planning condition, typically we can water proof and insulate the walls. Service and drainage are the next challenge, septic tanks and oil boilers are a requirement when mains sewers, gas and electric is not available. We will take you through all the options available and consider the limitation through the design phase. You will get a will Detailed set of building regulations drawings that will allow you to go to tender and a guide for the build.

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