New Build & Self Build House Design

Building a new house will not only give you a dream home or boost to your finances it will give you an amazing feeling of satisfaction. Good Architectural design will ensure any new building will continue to provide enjoyment for human beings for a very long time. Cost effective design solutions based around your brief and our comprehensive feasibility studies.

Appointing CK Architectural Gloucestershire will guarantee you the best advice right from the start, with great local professionals and national network of expertise at your service. All site brings new challenges in meeting your needs against what planning department will allow in their local and strategic plans. Across the region more areas are being unlocked to cater for the ever-growing housing needs of the country. We have a step by step system which prevent you committing too much time and money without knowing all the facts and likelihood of success.


We will carefully discuss your requirements against to basic and obvious potential of any given site. This allows us to understand exactly what you want to achieve from developing the site. Sometimes it’s a simple numbers game for investing developers or more detailed and specific requirement for that dream home. With a good understanding of the national housing guide and planning policies a simple enquiry to us will generate if the site can meet your needs.


We wouldn’t ask for large fees to undertake a basic feasibility study, we want to ensure to limitations are explored by way of a desk top study. We will look at the site and planning history to determine its past and explore the surrounding areas to see if it can work with its environment. From there we can provide you the right information before going any further.


If you are happy with the feasibility report we can then move forward in producing a concept design, this will be based around the brief and in line with the feasibility study. Again, at this stage we try to keep the fee low, we don’t want to manage your cost and expectation throughout the process. With a concept design we will be looking at showing you how the site can meet it’s potential with basic site design, foot prints and elevations. Once you are happy with the outline design we can submit the pre-app on your behalf to the correct local authority planning department. Form here we will get a full list of reasons for and against developing the site in line with your requirements. This will also show all relative planning policies, design criteria and list the necessary reports, investigations and documents for a formal planning application. We can also have a face to face meeting with the planning officer dealing with it, allow us to ask any direct questions and possible alternatives. We have a great working relationship with Gloucestershire County Council and can expect a proactive service form them.

Moving forward form a positive and workable pre-application list we can then developed the design with you down to the last detail. We will design the site considering all necessary requirement for a new build site such as parking, manoeuvring, services, drainage, plot size, landscaping, lighting etc. Then the new home or homes can be designed and detailed to ensure the reach the maximum value or create your best living environment. Once the design is developed to your approval we can then add all the necessary criteria for planning submission. We will source and collate any relevant 3rd party requirements and write the supporting documents such as planning, heritage, design and access statements. We submit the application, liaise with the planning officers and make any amendments necessary to help gain approval keeping you in the loop throughout.

Even through the initial concept design we will have an eye on build ability and the building regulations. We will develop the planning approved into well detailed and present building regulations drawings. This will take into account all the relevant and up to date building control requirements making sure they can be submitted and gain full plans approval. We will source and collate any other requirements such as structural engineering to ensure all your need to know is detailed. Our construction specification will list all the necessary details on heat loss, structure, drainages, fire, ventilation etc. With these you can then go for tender and build with any competent builder or contractor.

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